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4. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 21. 17:14:53
4. - June 6th, 2004

The 0.5 Alpha MOD came out!

This mod has the following features:
-Only Transports and Mobile Bases can carry Tanks!
-Larger Ships are now slower, and smaller ships are faster!
-Specialized Techonology (Only some races will have a certain Technology!)
-Stronger Planet Defence Systems, such as Planet Shield and Fortresses!

Modifications To Come:
-Speciliazed Tank Pods!
-New Ship Designs
-New Tank Designs

3. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 21. 17:14:05
3. - June 6th, 2004

You find a TCP/IP test program in the DOWNLOAD menu. If you are the server, you can give your IP address to the other players without clicking on New Game in the Multiplayer menu. When you unpacked it, just copy for your Hard Drive, it doesn't need to be installed. Once unpacked, Run the TCPTEST.EXE file.

2. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 21. 17:13:31
2. - June 6th, 2004

Download the newer free ZoneAlarm personal firewall in the DOWNLOAD menu.

1. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 21. 17:12:43
1. - June 6th, 2004

This homepage has been running since March 3rd, 2004. We would give you technical support and a game server for Imperium Galactica II. This game is able to run through a public IP address or direct connect by the IG2 game on the ig2 channel. You can get it on the #ig2 channel. The server (who starts) clicking to the New game. The players connecting to the server by the IP adress->Leave the IRC,click to Connection, type the IP adress as form and push ENTER. Or left click the name of the server on top in the left corner and push Join. You need the 1.06 Final patch and configure your router or firewall.
The game was made in December 1st,1999. It will be 5 years old this winter. Have a nice fight!

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