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14. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 09. 02:38:22
I did that (d/l the missions w/ the 100mil credits). That's fine but you get tired playing the same missions. How did you create those w/ the credits? That's what I'm really looking for (the means on how they were created).

13. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 09. 00:13:39
Download my "Start a campaign / mission with my one hundred million Credit" in the DOWNLOAD menu (click to the English flag before). Copy the .sav filegroup to the IG2's save directory. There are no money trainer.

12. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 06. 03:13:50
Just found this site for the 1.08 patch for IG2 so now I can finally play the game again after so many years.

Does anyone know if there is a money trainer that works w/ 1.08?

11. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 05. 23:51:48
The 0.5 MOD runs only with 1.06 patch. If you using the 1.08 (fro XP), your 0.5 MOD will be stopped.

10. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 03. 22:18:49
This Program cannot update the installed version of Imperium Galactica 2 Mod 0.5 Alpha because of the following reasons:

C:\Program Files\Digital Reality\Imperium Galactica 2\ig2.exe: Unknown Version

I followed the instructions to install it before the 1.06 patch, but I keep getting this message even after I Un/Re-Install the game.

I use WinXP and I had to use the 1.08 patch to make the game work before I Uninstalled the game to try to install the Mod.


9. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 08. 07. 20:04:51
I know this problem, I have this too. I have a PC running with Windows XP, I think that could nbe the problem, cause every PC using Windows 98 doesn't seem to have this problem. I think XP does'nt really support the BInk-Video Player...

8. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 08. 05. 20:52:35
anyone else's imperium galactica 2 ingame movies lag besides mine, my computer can run it easy btu the movies like intro movies n everymovie in game like messages were ppl say stuff to u, stutters(lags)

7. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 08. 05. 11:42:23

6. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 07. 06. 13:19:45
Our Partnersite is

Next Galactic Emperor Match: 18/07/04 02:00 p.m. MET (Germany)
here on the server Founders. or from the IG2 game.
Otherwise or with a mIRC client.

5. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 07. 03. 14:32:42
Add to your virtual memory up to 1500 Megabytes. (Starts on 750 Megabytes.) If you have less RAM than 256 MB,use a memory optimizer for the IG2 game. When/if you have 0 MB phisycal RAM,the animation is get caught. Otherwise: reinstall the game and enable the low quality animations to install (320*240). If you using Geforce MX 400 or Geforce 3/4 VGA Card,set the resolution to 16 bit mode and do not set larger resolution than 1024*768. Always I prefer the 800*600 in 16 bit mode.

4. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 27. 21:29:43
Not for me... The animations still are choppy. I hate playing the campaign cos the storyline of it is 90% from the animations. I used Alcohol 120%. Didnt for work for me. Any ideas...?

3. saxusCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 21. 00:34:46
Create the image file with Alcohol 120% software. It runs the image file correctly and has no read errors.

2. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 18. 23:02:24
Howdy endre. I tried to use the image from the HD but the files seem to be corrupted so it doesnt help. When i was making the image, it gave me read errors.

1. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 06. 15. 20:07:32
Welcome to the Imperium Galactica II. forum!
Enjoy the new design!
Special thanks to saxus. If you have ideas,questions or you would play on the internet tell us.

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