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39. E-Mail küldése HawatCsillagidő: 2005. 10. 30. 10:04:11
PLZ, anyone? Any help?

Or is the forum totaly dead?

38. E-Mail küldése HawatCsillagidő: 2005. 10. 25. 13:17:16

Latly, I found my old version of Imprium Galactica. At first it refused to run on my win XP. Then I found on I site that I needed to reduce my virtual memory for it to run, and I found out about this site and it's patch. I used the new patch and the runs fine.

But I have a small problem, well it makes the game unplayable. Whenever I get inside the desiegn screen, the game exists me to windows. No way to make use of the new tech. Any ideas? Do I need some other patch?


37. E-Mail küldése scorchCsillagidő: 2005. 10. 19. 12:40:46
Hello. I bought IG2 years ago but stopped playin it. I started up again last week and I'm playing the Solarian campaign (now on XP w/the v1.14 patch). The game is running fine; but the Godan keep attacking me for no reason, and I just want to wipe them out so I can get on with the game and enjoy it. I'm trying to use the "dienodie" God mode cheat that's posted ALL over the internet.. but I CAN'T get the console to come up in the game by pressing the " ~ " key; even though I'm using the executable parameter: " +setconsle1 ". Does this not work anymore in XP? or with the last patch? I tried even going back to older versions of the executable but I can't get the console activated no matter what I use OR how I alter that command line parameter. Thanks.

36. RaevinCsillagidő: 2005. 10. 07. 20:27:40
OK I will email you.

35. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2005. 10. 06. 21:58:34
Email me ->
I will send you the source of my scenario. You can check yourself by that.

34. RaevinCsillagidő: 2005. 10. 04. 21:11:11
I have a question is about IGSC0915, the scenario editor for IG2. The trader fleets I create do nothing. I have the trader check box active, but they do not move around like in the skirmish scenario. Did I miss something ?.

33. SilverCsillagidő: 2005. 09. 12. 13:17:23
oh really??? I didn't know TCH. :D
It Means that you don't correct me!
But don't worry...hukk

32. TCHCsillagidő: 2005. 09. 10. 19:42:59
'Névtelen hozzászóló' means 'Anonymus speaker'.

31. SilverCsillagidő: 2005. 09. 07. 11:05:43
What' up a lot of névtelen hozzászóló?

30. SilverCsillagidő: 2005. 08. 08. 20:00:53
Master blaster:another life

29. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2005. 08. 05. 01:14:50
Get the 1.13 patch.

28. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 02. 02. 11:55:38
I keep getting synchronisation errors in an ig2 multiplayer game, does anyone know whats causing them and how to avoid them?

27. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 23. 11:59:47
Hello Santi!
Yes, that's right, the file is temporarily not available, because of technical problem of the server. The file is on the server, so try download it later. If I had any news about the server, I will write here a message.

26. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 23. 04:09:34
Sorry, did not sign last message (25.)
as this game is already out for quite some time, I'm pretty sure that somebody already played around with a hex editor and modified the different parameters of IG2 what I'm presently trying. Has anybody a list of what item covers what information ?
thanks for checking

25. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 23. 03:59:41
Hi Api,
thanks for your very fast reply
Unfortunately, the server won't let me download (sorry, I don't speak any hungarian)
message was : Technikai okok miatt az állomány átmenetileg nem érheto el - köszönjük megértésed
(= file presently not available for technical reasons ?)
Any idea wha?
Anyway, I played around a bit with the IG2exe and some parameters are quite easy to modify. I increased all ship and planet defense hull strength in order to get longer combats

24. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 22. 22:34:39
How do you get a multiplayer game to last?
We always have syncronization errors that
pretty much stuffs up the match. ie. game
ends up differently for each playa. Thanks

23. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 22. 17:59:57
Hi Santi!
You can find here:
If You have any question, write an e-mail.
Description will be: IG2!!!

22. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 22. 03:27:09
Hi everybody,
just came across this great game a few weeks ago and just now found this newsgroup.
On 05/09/2004 Endre spoke about a 0.5 mod for IG II (made by by Xelnaga1 and Dereknor ?)
Could somebody please tell me where to find this for download ?
Thanks a lot in advance !

21. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 22. 01:14:31
Just installed IG2 on my Win xp sp2 machine (ati x800xt vid card). Applied the 1.06 patch and i got an error trying to run the game so i applied the 1.08 and get the same error

"Unable to load from file:screen\charset.bmp generate exception ?"

And it wont load ??

20. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2005. 01. 13. 23:23:08
Finally, I can play IG2 again, thanks for the patch...
And yes the game works with the "ATI Radeon 9800 Pro-card"
Got to go now, I want to conquer the universe again...

19. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 12. 23. 13:51:51
Yes,it works. Upgrade your ATI's VGA driver and use the 1.08 patch.

18. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 12. 11. 05:18:22
Does anyone know if this game will work on a Radeon 8500 or 9800 video card?

I am running a Radeon 8500 and can't get the setup program to even allow me to select a 3D video device.

17. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 29. 18:21:28
oh well, you can reach me on

i am the admin...

16. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 29. 18:20:50
Hi there!

I am triing to reach Xenada1, because i have some interesting tools and people for ig2 modding to talk about...

Please can someone post his email adress, i lost his aim contact and dont use aim anymore...

15. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2004. 09. 23. 23:40:58
about the ingame movies stutter, try win98 compatibility mode and disable visual themes under ig2.exe properties.

It worked for me

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