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89. E-Mail kuldese KrixCsillagido: 2016. 04. 12. 21:23:16
Hello Everybody!
I am searching for the english version of IG2. I have the hungarian version, but I think the english version is better for upload gameplays. Someone could you help me? I have used the google, all download option is dead.

88. Nincs neve userCsillagido: 2016. 03. 10. 01:36:27

87. hey anybody?Csillagido: 2015. 08. 17. 05:42:11
hey anybody?

86. E-Mail kuldese EndreCsillagido: 2014. 08. 10. 20:37:51
We are looking for you. Stay online.

85. E-Mail kuldese god_xuanCsillagido: 2014. 08. 10. 12:41:39
hey is any1 still playing ?
im online at gmt +8 on sat and suns

84. Nincs neve userCsillagido: 2012. 09. 29. 20:18:46
A trainer is for version 1.14? :D

83. E-Mail kuldese pekitomenestrualityCsillagido: 2012. 08. 23. 12:53:09
I have a Brilliant save game that is hacked in which battleship requires no money to build. But i am not getting any sites to upload it Any Ideas!?

82. E-Mail kuldese GarrettCsillagido: 2011. 11. 30. 23:26:02
Run the "setup.exe", and change the screen resolution to 640x480x16.
(Or get a better VGA driver)

81. E-Mail kuldese NommieCsillagido: 2011. 11. 23. 17:15:34
hi ppl

I have installed IG2 on Win7 and it run normally apart from the fact when o try to open the design screen.
Does anyone know why that may be and how can I fix it?

80. Wexisness(hun)Csillagido: 2011. 05. 29. 22:59:01
Someone please help,
can i find any no-cd crack for the skirmish???

79. ByeohazardCsillagido: 2011. 04. 25. 23:02:37
The game did not install in windows 7 64 bit because of the 32 bit installer...i get around this by installing the game from safe like a charm for alot of older games. Thought I may share to see if this helps anyone.....its a neat game!

78. E-Mail kuldese AnthonyCsillagido: 2011. 04. 06. 09:54:31
Hello Pawelo,
can you send me at the e-mail the all scenarios pack for Imperium Galactica II, please?
My e-mail is:
Thank you!

77. E-Mail kuldese GarrettCsillagido: 2010. 11. 28. 22:49:20
IG2 11th birthday game on 1st December 2010 at 7pm (GMT +1)!

76. Nincs neve userCsillagido: 2010. 10. 15. 08:59:28
Hello, sir

Just found this site moment agos

I just wondering that, is Imperium Galactica 2 work with hamachi too? so I can create some,... hmm. private game with friends. :D

75. E-Mail kuldese EndreCsillagido: 2010. 10. 12. 21:14:23
Use the 1.14 patch and start with ig2nt.exe and set the compatible mode to Windows 98/ME.

74. E-Mail kuldese ElrodCsillagido: 2010. 09. 26. 00:55:42
Just got a Windows 7 computer having trouble trying to get IG2 to run on it. could any body provide some guidance thanks

73. E-Mail kuldese GuestCsillagido: 2009. 11. 23. 19:53:23
Please give me the steps to edit saved game for IG2.

72. Nincs neve userCsillagido: 2009. 10. 19. 19:54:41
just search on the internet I had a similar probleem with vista and have dowloaded a file to let the game run under xp and now it works

71. E-Mail kuldese KamionkaCsillagido: 2009. 08. 06. 07:48:47

I tried several times to play IG2 on ma Win XP, but everytime I exit the games I get "blue screen" and computer shuts down. Anybody had the same experience and know how to solve it?


70. E-Mail kuldese Daco valuCsillagido: 2009. 06. 02. 11:41:48
can anyone tell me how to mod Imperium galactica 2? Im not sure which tools Im supposed to use and on which files.

69. E-Mail kuldese The_Big_NozCsillagido: 2009. 04. 19. 22:18:02
Andre!!, i come back to know if you have found a fix to play in 1280*1024 scenario and to play with the design mod?

You save us with the patch 1.14 but this bug is very awfull.


68. E-Mail kuldese AndreCsillagido: 2009. 04. 01. 20:05:27

67. E-Mail kuldese DneirfnogardCsillagido: 2009. 03. 14. 00:00:21
I am running XP x64. I can not get the game to install at all. I see setup.exe running in task manager, but nothing ever happens. Is there a fix for this?

66. E-Mail kuldese nashediCsillagido: 2009. 03. 03. 15:03:01
hello any one...can u give me complete how to do hex editing on IG2 ....i have amd X2 based sys with 780g chipset MOBO...2 gb ram and every other thing...the game have 1.14 patch and cheats wont work on it..i need this coz i cant compelete last senario"protect the toluen"

65. PaweloCsillagido: 2009. 02. 02. 22:27:13
this is new scenario for Imperium Galactica II
[url];13179742;/fileinfo.html [/url]
and some remakes of original scenarios
(this pack includes all previous scenarios made by me);13179751;/fileinfo.html
Download and enjoy playing

64. PaweloCsillagido: 2009. 01. 31. 17:24:36
this is new scenario for Imperium Galactica II;13154403;/fileinfo.html
Download and enjoy playing

63. Nincs neve userCsillagido: 2009. 01. 25. 14:13:30
this is fixed version of Alliances scenario for IG2 and with Antarian variant included;13087722;/fileinfo.html

62. Nincs neve userCsillagido: 2009. 01. 04. 13:04:00
this is new fan made scenario for IG2;12866054;/fileinfo.html
Download and enjoy playing

61. zNkCsillagido: 2008. 05. 25. 12:59:20
Hi! I Imperim Galactica II BIG FUN!!!

Who has editor missions for Imperium Galactica II, please give a link to download it!

Thanks in advance!

60. ig2 rules!Csillagido: 2008. 05. 02. 02:38:57
Hi.I wanted to know if there is a site which
has the ig2 music for download.
Another question:Are old saves(i dont remember which version) compatible with your unofficial patch?

59. E-Mail kuldese StephenCsillagido: 2008. 04. 30. 08:53:58
Hey. I just found this site. THANKS for the patch, I am going to buy IG right now. I had the demo cd from an old CGW and played it forever until XP. I have been searching for another game like it but havnt found one. Thanks so much for letting me enjoy this game again.
Stephen :D

58. E-Mail kuldese EndreCsillagido: 2008. 03. 22. 11:44:43
Hello yes that is the 1.14 unofficial patch but maybe you needthe 1st CD to run the game.
Use 800x600x16bit resolution to see videos and for play.
Rick: it is so complicated to write how do you hack the cash.
I made many variation,enjoy them.

57. E-Mail kuldese Ace777Csillagido: 2008. 03. 12. 14:46:33
...set your video mode to 16 bits to see video in game :p

56. Ace777Csillagido: 2008. 03. 12. 08:52:50
design (F5) crashing pb fixed :

i was in 1280*1024 -> crash

in 1024*768 > works :D

and it runs without CD :D


55. Ace777Csillagido: 2008. 03. 12. 08:47:42
same problem that GLD here :

"Design" (F5) crash the game

how to fix it ?

54. E-Mail kuldese Ace777Csillagido: 2008. 03. 12. 08:36:01
hi ! is the patch 1.14 un-official have the no-CD ?

53. E-Mail kuldese RickCsillagido: 2007. 07. 07. 22:21:36
I have noticed a number of savegames with a LOT of cash in them. It is not from playing the game. So how do you "hack the cash"??

52. E-Mail kuldese EndreCsillagido: 2006. 10. 10. 20:39:58
Yes,install the 1.14 patch

51. E-Mail kuldese ig2 playerCsillagido: 2006. 10. 10. 00:32:24
Hi, I have just recently installed ig2 on my xp home machine, with and amd cpu and an x800 all in wonder card, and when playing with my friends using the 1.06 patch the game goes out of synch all the time, and renders the multiplayer game unplayable. Is there any way to fix this?

50. Nincs neve userCsillagido: 2006. 09. 16. 11:13:03
@45 have you tried a diff. res

49. E-Mail kuldese AndrewCsillagido: 2006. 09. 02. 01:02:14
Also - are there more mesages and movies at higher difficulty levels ?

48. E-Mail kuldese AndrewCsillagido: 2006. 09. 02. 01:01:29
In Sol campaign, I got the 4 crystals, but the guy just wont ressurect (like told in opening movie). Is this normal ?

47. E-Mail kuldese AndrewCsillagido: 2006. 09. 02. 01:01:17
sql error

46. AndrewCsillagido: 2006. 09. 02. 00:56:16

45. E-Mail kuldese The_Big_NozCsillagido: 2006. 04. 12. 00:27:10
i have the same install than Danny: the game+1.06+1.08(for xp). The 1280x1024 res dos not work in solo escarmouch. So i use the fabulous 1.14 unoficial patch you create but the bug is always there.
Could you see it? or are there a solucion?

ps: i have made all the *.exe recommandation you give in the read me.


44. E-Mail kuldese GLBCsillagido: 2006. 04. 04. 07:29:10

I have just acquired IG2 in French and have the same trouble than Hawat : Design makes the game quick me tou to Windows. I have a recent AMD / XP PC and have tried both the Patch and the Virtual Memory trick, without success. Can someone Help ?

43. E-Mail kuldese EndreCsillagido: 2005. 12. 19. 19:09:34

Yes,use the 1.14 patch. There are a new resolution controller include. You can use the higher resolution by that.

42. E-Mail kuldese DannyCsillagido: 2005. 12. 06. 18:03:47
Hi all, i dreamed this game for years :D infact i played a lot of time the demo but for some reason i never bought it, now with e-bay i do it :D... i installed 1.06 and 1.08 aptch...the game start but i cant use the 1280x1024 resolution i read that it was a bug... can anyone fix ti? does the 114 patch work?

I tried it but the game crash

41. E-Mail kuldese DeX'Csillagido: 2005. 12. 02. 19:07:36
I'm searching for MOD-s to Imperium Galactica 2. If you know, how can I get one, please send me an E-Mail.


40. E-Mail kuldese EndreCsillagido: 2005. 10. 31. 10:47:43

scorch-> your cheat does work only with 1.04 Final version with edited components. You may download my USD 100 millions beginnings and copy the .sav files into your SAVES directory. You find arranged directories includes the SFX-Ace.

Hawat-> Uninstall the IG2, set the virtual memory: start length 700 MB,maximum length 1500 MB. Reinstall the IG2. Download from this site the 1.14 patch and run the game. If you have any problems yet,Email to TCH

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