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89. E-Mail küldése KrixCsillagidő: 2016. 04. 12. 21:23:16
Hello Everybody!
I am searching for the english version of IG2. I have the hungarian version, but I think the english version is better for upload gameplays. Someone could you help me? I have used the google, all download option is dead.

88. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2016. 03. 10. 01:36:27

87. hey anybody?Csillagidő: 2015. 08. 17. 05:42:11
hey anybody?

86. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2014. 08. 10. 20:37:51
We are looking for you. Stay online.

85. E-Mail küldése god_xuanCsillagidő: 2014. 08. 10. 12:41:39
hey is any1 still playing ?
im online at gmt +8 on sat and suns

84. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2012. 09. 29. 20:18:46
A trainer is for version 1.14? :D

83. E-Mail küldése pekitomenestrualityCsillagidő: 2012. 08. 23. 12:53:09
I have a Brilliant save game that is hacked in which battleship requires no money to build. But i am not getting any sites to upload it Any Ideas!?

82. E-Mail küldése GarrettCsillagidő: 2011. 11. 30. 23:26:02
Run the "setup.exe", and change the screen resolution to 640x480x16.
(Or get a better VGA driver)

81. E-Mail küldése NommieCsillagidő: 2011. 11. 23. 17:15:34
hi ppl

I have installed IG2 on Win7 and it run normally apart from the fact when o try to open the design screen.
Does anyone know why that may be and how can I fix it?

80. Wexisness(hun)Csillagidő: 2011. 05. 29. 22:59:01
Someone please help,
can i find any no-cd crack for the skirmish???

79. ByeohazardCsillagidő: 2011. 04. 25. 23:02:37
The game did not install in windows 7 64 bit because of the 32 bit installer...i get around this by installing the game from safe like a charm for alot of older games. Thought I may share to see if this helps anyone.....its a neat game!

78. E-Mail küldése AnthonyCsillagidő: 2011. 04. 06. 09:54:31
Hello Pawelo,
can you send me at the e-mail the all scenarios pack for Imperium Galactica II, please?
My e-mail is:
Thank you!

77. E-Mail küldése GarrettCsillagidő: 2010. 11. 28. 22:49:20
IG2 11th birthday game on 1st December 2010 at 7pm (GMT +1)!

76. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2010. 10. 15. 08:59:28
Hello, sir

Just found this site moment agos

I just wondering that, is Imperium Galactica 2 work with hamachi too? so I can create some,... hmm. private game with friends. :D

75. E-Mail küldése EndreCsillagidő: 2010. 10. 12. 21:14:23
Use the 1.14 patch and start with ig2nt.exe and set the compatible mode to Windows 98/ME.

74. E-Mail küldése ElrodCsillagidő: 2010. 09. 26. 00:55:42
Just got a Windows 7 computer having trouble trying to get IG2 to run on it. could any body provide some guidance thanks

73. E-Mail küldése GuestCsillagidő: 2009. 11. 23. 19:53:23
Please give me the steps to edit saved game for IG2.

72. Névtelen hozzászólóCsillagidő: 2009. 10. 19. 19:54:41
just search on the internet I had a similar probleem with vista and have dowloaded a file to let the game run under xp and now it works

71. E-Mail küldése KamionkaCsillagidő: 2009. 08. 06. 07:48:47

I tried several times to play IG2 on ma Win XP, but everytime I exit the games I get "blue screen" and computer shuts down. Anybody had the same experience and know how to solve it?


70. E-Mail küldése Daco valuCsillagidő: 2009. 06. 02. 11:41:48
can anyone tell me how to mod Imperium galactica 2? Im not sure which tools Im supposed to use and on which files.

69. E-Mail küldése The_Big_NozCsillagidő: 2009. 04. 19. 22:18:02
Andre!!, i come back to know if you have found a fix to play in 1280*1024 scenario and to play with the design mod?

You save us with the patch 1.14 but this bug is very awfull.


68. E-Mail küldése AndreCsillagidő: 2009. 04. 01. 20:05:27

67. E-Mail küldése DneirfnogardCsillagidő: 2009. 03. 14. 00:00:21
I am running XP x64. I can not get the game to install at all. I see setup.exe running in task manager, but nothing ever happens. Is there a fix for this?

66. E-Mail küldése nashediCsillagidő: 2009. 03. 03. 15:03:01
hello any one...can u give me complete how to do hex editing on IG2 ....i have amd X2 based sys with 780g chipset MOBO...2 gb ram and every other thing...the game have 1.14 patch and cheats wont work on it..i need this coz i cant compelete last senario"protect the toluen"

65. PaweloCsillagidő: 2009. 02. 02. 22:27:13
this is new scenario for Imperium Galactica II
[url];13179742;/fileinfo.html [/url]
and some remakes of original scenarios
(this pack includes all previous scenarios made by me);13179751;/fileinfo.html
Download and enjoy playing

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